Business Data Services

Data is generally in either of the two states – at-rest or in-flight.

TekOne Technologies has a comprehensive suite of data technologies to support business or personal data in any state. Our vast experience in data recovery from broken and dead hard disks, data backup and transfer to new computers, cloud backup systems, data encryption on disk and mid-flight to/from cloud, multi-layered security systems and secure data cleaning/wiping services offer an unprecedented convenience and peace of mind.

TekOne Technologies is Cyber Essentials certified, registered with Information Commissioner’s Office (ico) and experienced in providing guidance and implementation for companies for compliance with Data Protection Act (UK-DPA) and alignment with upcoming General Data Protection Regulations (EU-GDPR).

All our service level agreements (SLAs) come with a choice of business continuity plans and offer various levels of business disaster recovery.

Easy Online Data Backup

Keep your invaluable data safe in the cloud, including music, pictures, documents and everything digital. Totally secure, easy to use and fully automated. Best of all, it is one flat rate for all your data, no matter how much you have!

Keep it Safe & Secure

With full end-to-end encryption all your data is transmitted securely from all of your devices to/from the cloud storage. Cloud storage itself is fully encrypted. This is one the most secure cloud data storage system available in the market.

Anywhere / Any Device

Our cloud platform fully supports all hardware and software devices for your data storage - from anywhere in the world. You can even mix data from a variety of devices running Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and Chrome.

All in One Place

Regardless of what device you are using, you will find all of your data fully accessible and available – all in one place, from any Internet connected device. All devices automatically sync with central storage in near realtime.

Our Data Services

Data Backup

- World Class automatic cloud data backup service

- True fire-and-forget backup system

- Zero human intervention required

- Self monitoring & file check

- Up to 30 previous versions of each file for recovery

Data Encryption

TekOne Technologies can provide partial or complete end-to-end data encryption service. Fully standards compliant, meeting all applicable legal requirement.

FIPS - 2

The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2, (FIPS PUB 140-2), is a U.S. government computer security standard, now widely used in business transactions across the world. Many European financial institutions and their affiliates are now required to implement and use this to secure their data. TekOne Technologies has in-depth experience with FIPS-2 and can provide a comprehensive solution to any individual, or roll it out for an entire business.

Data Protection

TekOne can provide and implement solutions for any level of data protection, using business class multi-layered data protection strategies, processes and technologies, whether the data resides on workstations, servers, cloud or mobile/portable devices.

Data Recovery

If your hard disk has crashed or died, or your files have corrupted on your computer hard disk TekOne Technologies can help. We can recover data in most of the situations. Best of all - our data recovery is chargeable only if we successfully recover your data. No win, no fee.

Data Storage

TekOne Technologies can provide a wide range of data storage solutions for your business. These include portable storage disks, Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, cloud storage and solid state hard disk (SSD) based solutions. If required, TekOne can build a hybrid solution to meet your particular requirements. All solutions are tested for performance and reliability. Not to forget our 100% guarantee for every solution we implement.

Data Transfer

When you buy a new computer or upgrade your existing one, TekOne Technologies can extract data from your old computer and transfer it to a new computer. Our unique data transfer service includes extracting your data from the old machine, scanning it for viruses and then transferring it to a new machine so your new computer/hard disk doesn't get infected from any virus or malware hidden in old data.

Data / Disk Secure Wipe

Your data is the greatest business asset. However, while upgrading your computers or when decommissioning old computers, data on the hard disks becomes a major liability if it is not wiped securely. TekOne Technologies provides a full standards compliant (US DoD 5220.22-M) data erasure / wipe service for hard disks, optical drives, magnetic tapes, memory modules, display monitors and printers etc. A written certificate of erasure is provided.