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TekOne Technologies Ltd. - Why use a Password Manager

Pass-the-Word: Why You Need a Password Manager

22nd September 2016 and the digital giant Yahoo sends tremors across the cyber world by revealing that the information of over 500 million accounts was compromised in 2014, as hackers breached the walls of the company’s server. At first glance…
Small Business Security Checklist Against Cyber Attack(s)

Small Business Security Checklist Against Cyber Attack(s)

On Friday May 12th, the WannaCryptor (WannaCry) ransomware started infecting computers at global scale. In just 24 hours, the number of infections had spiked to 185,000 machines in more than 100 countries, encrypting and locking millions of pounds of data…
Bespoke Software Development and Business Automation at TekOne Technologies Ltd

Benefits of Bespoke Business Automation Software

Introduction One of our clients specialise in Air Conditioning (heating/Cooling) and Building Maintenance. Headquartered in the South East and boasting an impressive client portfolio they have an excellent team of dedicated engineers who look after hundreds of (mostly) commercial properties.…
Spotting a Phishing and Spam Emails

How to Spot a Phishing Email

With over 260 million phishing emails sent every single day, there is a pretty good chance that one of these may land in your inbox. So, how do you make sure you aren’t one of the many to fall victim…
The Importance of Data Back Up

The Importance of Data Back Up

It used to be said that the only two inevitable things are death and taxes, but we all know the third is that your computer’s going to crash at the worst possible moment. Unless you have your data properly backed…
Benefits of Data Encryption

Benefits of Data Encryption

Anyone who uses the internet responsibly understands the importance of security systems like firewalls and anti-virus programs. For the casual user that might be enough, but most companies hold too much sensitive data to take a chance. They need something…