TekOne Technologies Ltd, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Business IT Support Services

From instant Computer repair to comprehensive business IT Support with data security, cloud computing, bespoke software or network solutions - you can rely on!  Today's business environment uses multiple technologies from various vendors. We understand that often managing multiple suppliers can be challenging. Our 'simplified and unified' IT support gives you more control over your business and more peace of mind - knowing that you have rock solid continuous IT support. We are based at Stevenage, Hertfordshire, providing instant support when needed. On average over 90% of incoming support request calls are resolved within the first call or on the same day.

Quick solutions for any computer problem. All repairs are 100% guaranteed for your complete peace of mind. We can come out to you or you can bring the device to our conveniently located office.

Leaders in providing business IT support. We simplify, unify and fully secure your entire IT system and all associated services. Reducing your business risk and maximising your efficiency.

Free Business IT Health and Security Check

Most businesses are aware of the need for securing their IT assets, especially sensitive business data. However, generally the picture is not clear. One cannot secure themselves from a threat they cannot perceive with clarity.

TekOne offers Free Security Check to present a clear view of your business IT assets and various areas where steps can be taken to enhance protection and mitigate security threats. It is a free, Plain-English, 30-minute, no-nonsense, no-obligation meeting that helps you to understand how exposed you and your computers actually are. After the meeting, you will understand exactly what risks you are running, and what to do to protect yourself.

Contact TekOne today on 01438 771000 to book your “FREE IT Security Health Check”

Cyber Essentials

TekOne is Cyber Essentials Certified. Our multi layered security solutions are one of the most cost effective and resilient solutions in the industry. We can help you secure your business data and network.

Disaster Recovery

If you require IT Disaster Recovery Planning and/or Business Continuity Planning, TekOne can provide you time tested, practical and simple to implement solutions.

Business Automation

Our custom software development with full life-cycle management can automate selected business processes or an entire business giving you an enormous edge over your competition.

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