Top notch pro-active IT support. We simplify, unify and fully secure your entire IT eco-system and all associated services. Full detailed custom SLA to accommodate just your requirements.

Our Ad-Hoc IT support service is ideal for those one-off problems. Remote troubleshooting is available if the computer connects to the Internet. Otherwise either bring your computer in or we can send an engineer out.

Ideal for quick solutions to any IT problem. Mostly carried out remotely, but if it requires hand-on approach, either we will come out to you or you can pop in with the offending device.

Cyber Essentials

TekOne is Cyber Essentials Certified. Our multi layered security solutions are one of the most cost effective and resilient solutions in the industry. We can help you secure your business data and network.

Disaster Recovery

If you require IT Disaster Recovery Planning and/or Business Continuity Planning, TekOne can provide you time tested, practical and simple to implement solutions.

Business Automation

Our custom software development with full life-cycle management can automate selected business processes or an entire business giving you an enormous edge over your competition.