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Data Services

Data is the most valuable and irreplaceable digital asset. It is the essence of all the technology we use. It can range from those pictures of your children growing up, to that report you’ve spent the last two weeks writing, and contact details of anyone and everyone you know to all your business financials.

It always helps to be prepared for the worst-case scenario, such as partial or total data loss. At TekOne we provide a range of services to suite your particular needs and help you keep your data safe.

Cloud Data Backup

Cloud Data backup is when you create backups and store them on the cloud, so they are stored off-site and off-device, duplicated across multiple servers. With our backup plan, as long as you’re connected to the Internet, any changes that are made to files gets uploaded to a cloud platform, where it is securely stored, and is fully accessible in case of device malfunction. If your hard drive unexpectedly dies, then you have a copy of all your data stored safely and securely on the Internet. The data you immediately need can be downloaded and worked on with minimal downtime.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is a last case resort to recover files from a computer when disaster strikes and the computer is left unusable, or the hard drive breaks and the data on the drive cannot be accessed through normal means. Specialised software and processes need to be carried out to recover the unreadable data. At TekOne, we have a no-win no-fee policy and can recover most inaccessible data, be it from drive failure, operating system corruption or accidental deletion.

Data Transfer

Data transfer is the act of moving all your files and data from one machine to another, allowing you to safely and securely transfer your data, or to perform a fresh install on your machine without the risk of losing any data. This allows you to get a brand-new computer while keeping all your data intact, and seamlessly restoring it exactly where it was on your old machine.

Data Sharing for Teams

Data sharing for teams is a cloud-based storage service offered by TekOne, that you can store your files on, and access them from any other computer that has access to the Internet. This allows you to quickly and efficiently share updated files between workstations or people even when they are located in geographically different locations, and allows for much easier co-operation, as any saved changes immediately get pushed to the cloud to be synced with all other devices. Permissions can also be set, so that people only have access to the files that they require.

Tek One also provide IT Support in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and parts of Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire.

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