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Computer and IT Security

In today’s business environment where everything is always connected and always online, security is the most important aspect to keep yourself and your information safe. With there being a marked increase in spread of malicious software, and hackers with the intent of getting personal and business information, or just to cause damage, its best to be prepared to stop these infections and attacks from happening in the first place. At TekOne, we provide a range of security services to match your business’ particular needs.

Computer Security

TekOne offers affordable and comprehensive defense against viruses, worms, trojans, crypto lockers, spyware, ransomware and such other malicious software that can delete files, access personal data, or use your computer to attack other computers.

Network Security

Preventing unauthorised access to the network, both from external and internal attacks. Having a firewall configured will monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic. TekOne can supply and configure standard and advanced Firewalls to secure your IT.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is your business' first step towards GDPR compliance. TekOne offers a complete one-stop solution from audit, to preparation and certification - all for a flat fee. Guaranteed to secure your complete business IT assets.
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