Software Development at TekOne Technologies Ltd, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Software Development

If your staff are spending too much precious time completing routine tasks instead of helping grow the business, then you definitely need a custom bespoke software solution that can help you automate repetitive tasks so your staff can concentrate on business goals and priorities.

Having exactly the right software for your needs makes the crucial difference in your company’s efficiency at delivering its promises. Main task of bespoke custom software systems is that they usually fill a unique gap / need within the business that cannot be easily fulfilled by “off-the-shelf” software. And getting a custom bespoke software solution package means that instead of adapting to the software’s limitations, your software is adapted to your business requirements.

TekOne designs custom software solutions for a wide range of business models. Our expert software development team will work extensively with you and your staff to establish exactly what you need, before building your custom bespoke software solution with the most cutting-edge development tools. Nothing is off the peg at TekOne.

Automating your systems in one integrated custom bespoke software solution package can increase efficiency, staff morale and, most crucially, your customer satisfaction level and profit margins.

TekOne can build you a custom bespoke software solution that will deliver all or part of this. Contact us to find out how business process automation can give you the competitive edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is custom / bespoke / tailored software development?

Custom Software is primarily used for data capturing, organising and processing. This is the primary step towards automation of business process(es).

How can custom software help my business?

One of the major factors that disrupt a business process is scarcity, availability, and processing errors by human operators within the data flow. By automating data capturing, storing and processing, a custom software has major impact on business efficiency improvement with proven ROI.

How is Custom software better than Off-the-shelf products?

Most of the software available off-the-shelf is designed to perform general tasks (think of word processing, spread sheets, email clients and various others). Custom software, on the other hand, enable a business to automate its own processes, unique to itself, instead of changing own methods to fit a predefined system.

Can you build a software for just one service?

Yes, a business can have partial automation, where they have custom software developed for only one or two segments of their business and are perfectly happy to carry on with the other related activities manually. Custom software by TekOne Technologies has proven track record of reducing waste and maximising efficiency in many business environments with part automation.

How long does it take to build a custom software?

It can take from a few days to several months - depending upon the complexity and scope of automation required. Time spans are always discussed before any commitments are made.

What business processes can you automate?

Virtually any business process can be automated. However, the best growth impact on a business we have seen is in the area of data capturing and processing.