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Bespoke & Custom Software Development

Having exactly the right software for your needs makes the crucial difference in your company’s efficiency at delivering its promises. You could settle for the ready-made packages on sale, but buying in a bespoke software package means that, instead of adapting to the software’s needs, your software is adapted to your needs.

TekOne designs custom software solutions for a wide range of business models. Our expert software development team will work extensively with you and your staff to establish exactly what you need, before building it with the most cutting-edge development tools. Nothing is off the peg at TekOne.

Automating your systems in one integrated custom software package can increase efficiency, staff morale and, most crucially, your profit margin.

TekOne will build you a bespoke software solution that will deliver all this and more. Contact us today and see how bespoke software can help your profits soar.

What we do

At TekOne we offer some of the most advanced data capturing and processing systems using a range of technologies.

Bespoke and Custom Software development company - TekOne Technologies

Bespoke Software Development

We analyse and understand your business processes. Then design, develop, implement and support a unique and cost effective solution to the way your business works. Can be hosted in the cloud or on your own on-premises server.

Mobile App development company - TekOne Technologies

Mobile Apps

No more tethered computing. Use mobile phones or tablets to capture data where the work is being done. Stay connected with your workforce and customers. Best suited for companies who rely on mobile workforce. Completely enhances business efficiency.

Web App development company - TekOne Technologies

Web Applications

Allows your customers to interact with your business, while you enable your workforce to work from anywhere - at anytime using a web browser on any Internet connected device. A true responsive and device agnostic solution. Allows your business to offer round the clock availability.

The technology stack we use

All technology solutions offered by TekOne rest on three (3) main cornerstones; people (users), processes (goals) and technology (technical capability).

We coordinate with users, who tell us what goals they want to achieve. We then analyse and research to put together a solution using the most relevant and cost effective technologies.

With our years of experience, combined with the fact that we have always delivered every project on-time and on-budget with zero failure – TekOne is your best choice for custom software development.

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At TekOne whatever we do, innovation is at the heart of each process. This translates into providing you a solution of exceptional quality, with new approaches to solving old problems that only the right set of technologies, carefully thought through and put together can achieve.

TekOne Technologies Ltd. Innovation Through Technology Award finalist by Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce
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