Why is my computer running slow?

Why is my computer running slow?

After long periods of use, computers can slow down for a variety of reasons. Ranging from requirements of modern-day applications to malicious software that snuck its way into your pc, and each different reason will have different solutions, but they all can be fixed quickly and cheaply. Some reasons only apply to certain situations, and won’t be applicable in all circumstances.

Infected Computer

The first reason that could cause a slowdown is due to a virus infection. Having a malicious software installed on your computer can cause a slowdown in multiple different ways. It can simply take up your computer’s processing power for itself – instead of loading up that word document, it can take up all or most of your available RAM or your processor’s power. Virus AlertAs this software is made with malicious intent, they could be there to launch a cyber attack on another computer using your computer or to steal personal information. The first thing that should be done is to make sure that your antivirus software is up to date, and to run a full scan on your machine. This will mostly clear out any potential infections or unwanted programs secretly bundled with something else, and will restore your computer’s performance.

Hardware Limitation

A second reason could be due to hardware limitations, where if you’re using a relatively older computer. Software applications are constantly updating, almost each time requiring a little bit more power to run optimally. Hardware that causes a part of your computer to perform sub optimally will cause the entire machine to slow down. For example, a hard drive using mechanical parts which will slowly wear down over time, causing read and write times to go up. Replacing the mechanical hard drive with a solid-state drive will vastly shorten loading times, due to the lack of mechanical parts.

Continuing on with hardware limitations, the amount of RAM you have vs required can be a big factor. If the amount of RAM available is not enough, then files and data will have to be swapped between the hard drive and RAM, massively slowing down performance. Usually adding an adequate amount of RAM in a computer that is slowing down will give it a new lease of life – with performance.


Overheating is another reason as to why your computer is running slowly. If the computer is overheating, then it will throttle itself down to prevent physical damage. Computers are air breathing machines. A common cause of cooling issues is dust build-up inside of the case, as it prevents cold air from flowing through the case, causing fans to have to work harder, making them louder, and often preventing them from providing adequate cooling. Just like one would maintain any other machine, computers also need periodic cleaning and dusting off. A frequent scheduled clean up will extend your computer’s life many fold.

Video: Dust slowing down a computer and associated thermal damage

If a computer is performing slow and sluggish, we always diagnose what is causing the slowdown, and are able to get the computer running fast again – be it simple servicing to get the cooling back, replacing or upgrading any faulty hardware or getting the computer virus free.

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